What would our world be like without works?

Art evokes, disrupt and elevates our being.

What is the Art Club?

It’s our membership program that encourages art collecting. It let you create an art collection, and support artists, art creation and culture.

Thanks to its members, there have been some 300 editions in our Printmaking Studio La Siempre Habana, and more than 30 exhibitions. 

Its benefits add an extra value to the acquisition of works, the improvement of spaces or the creation of an art collection.

Why subscribe? 5 Reasons

  • Philanthropy: Support the cause of art, artists and their creation.
  • Experience: Live art from a perspective closer to the creators.
  • Social: Meet people from the environment, artists, enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Finance: Create a fund over time, save on your purchases, receive other free benefits and your recommendations are returned in appreciation for your support.
  • Legacy: In addition to your support, you acquire life-transforming, valuable, durable and inheritable assets.

How does it work?

There are 3 levels of memberships and the subscription is for 12 months.

Members make a monthly contribution and create a fund, then they will use it to acquire works from the inventory. Each membership has several benefits that enrich this experience with art.

How to start?

  1. Sign up for a Membership at Start Now.
  2. Follow us on Instagram to stay informed.
  3. Share it with your friends.
  4. Explore in Artworks to know our inventory.

Select a Membership Level

$50 /mo


1. A gift work
2. Sweepstakes
3. Attend to Signing Events*
4. Referral rewards
5. Discount Silver

Gold (Most Used)
$100 /mo

Includes Silver Benefits and:

6. Visit Artists’ studios *
7. Free entry for Art Fair *
8. Attend to vernissages *
9. Access to Pre-Sales
10. Discount Gold

$300 /mo

Includes Gold Benefits and:

11. Trade/Exchange
12. Consignments
13. Private auctions
14. Free shipping
15. Discount Platinum

* Some changes could occur due to the Coronavirus and we will be informing in every case.

For more information Send Us A Message, Thank you.