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Eduardo Abela Torrás, Biography

Born: 1963, Havana, Cuba.

Education: 1991- San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, Havana.

Experience: Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Member of the Graphic Experimental Workshop and of the Association of Comedians of Cuba.

Awards: 2000 – Special Award and Prize of the Visual Arts Development Center, 2nd. DDT International Biennial, Havana; 1999 – 1st. National Salon of Humor Award, Havana; 1997 – Prize of Engraving, XVIII Hall, Competition March 13, Havana and DDT Supplement Award. X Biennial of Humor, Havana; 1991 – 1st. National Salon of Humor Award, “Horacio Rodríguez”, Havana. and Graphic Prize “San Alejandro Scientific Day”, Havana; 1990 – 2nd. Boyeros National Salon Award, Havana; 1989 – 1st. National Salon of Humor Award, “Horacio Rodríguez”, Havana; 1988 – 2nd. National Salon of Humor Award, “Horacio Rodríguez, Havana.

Shows: 2001 – Living natures and windows. Gallery “The Golden Branch”, Panama; 2000 – Two from Havana. “Tamara” Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico; 1999 – International Contemporary Art Fair “Arte + Sur”. Granada, Spain; 1998 – Triple A. Gallery “La Acacia”, Havana, 1997 – Two Pro-lay for You. Gallery “The Golden Branch”, Panama. Three Generations Eduardo Abela. Domingo Pa-drón Art Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida; 1993 – Abela Humorando. “UPEC” Gallery, Havana, Cuba; 1991 – Eduardo Abela Hall. “Eduardo Abela” Gallery, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba; 1989 – Abela and Fabián. Gallery “Juan David”, Cuba.