Elvira Bach (Germany, 1951)
‘Fumando espero’, 2004
silkscreen and diamond dust on paper
29.6 x 40.6 in. (75 x 103 cm.)
Edition of 99
ID: BAC1555-002-104
Hand-signed by author in pencil

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Elvira Bach is a German artist known for her bold and colorful paintings and prints that explore themes of femininity, sexuality, and empowerment. She was born in 1951 in Neuenhain, Germany and studied at the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt.

Bach’s art is characterized by a distinctive style that incorporates vibrant colors, gestural brushstrokes, and simplified forms. Her early works often depicted young women in provocative poses, challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Later works have focused on more abstract forms and exploring the boundaries between figuration and abstraction.

Bach has exhibited her work extensively in Germany and internationally, and her art is included in many public and private collections. She has also been recognized with numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the arts, including the prestigious Villa Romana Prize in 1979.

Throughout her career, Bach has remained committed to exploring the complexities of identity and the human experience through her art. Her work continues to inspire and challenge viewers, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of art, gender, and culture.