Fina Miralles (Spain, 1950)
‘La magia de la nit’, N/A
lithograph on paper
27.6 x 20.5 in. (70 x 52 cm.)
ID: MIR1346-002-000
Hand-signed by author

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Fina Miralles is a Spanish artist born in 1950 in Sabadell, Barcelona. She stands out for her work in various artistic disciplines, such as painting, installation, performance and photography. She is an important figure within conceptual art and the contemporary Spanish art scene.
Throughout her career, Fina Miralles has explored themes related to identity, femininity and nature, and has used her art as a medium to reflect on the human experience and relationship with the environment.
Her work is often characterized by subtlety and introspection, addressing emotional and social issues with a unique sensitivity. The use of different materials and media has allowed him to develop a very personal and expressive artistic language.
Fina Miralles has participated in individual and collective exhibitions both in Spain and internationally, which has given her recognition in the world of contemporary art.