Herve Telemaque (France, 1937-2022)
‘Lame de fond’, 1979
engraving on paper
30 x 22.1 in. (76 x 56 cm.)
ID: TEL1361-008-000
Hand-signed by author in pencil

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Hervé Télémaque is a Haitian-born artist who has become known for his contribution to the Pop Art movement. Born in Port-au-Prince in 1937, Télémaque moved to Paris at a young age and later settled in New York City.

Télémaque’s artwork often explores themes of identity, politics, and cultural exchange. He was part of the “Figuration Narrative” movement in the 1960s, which emphasized the use of figurative art to make social and political commentary. His style is characterized by a bold use of color and a juxtaposition of everyday objects with abstract shapes.

Some of Télémaque’s most famous works include “L’Autre Cote” (1964), which depicts a landscape divided by a river, and “Le Baiser” (1965), which shows a close-up of a couple kissing. He has exhibited his work in museums and galleries around the world, and his art has been widely collected by both private and public institutions.

Throughout his career, Télémaque has been recognized with numerous awards and honors, including being made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor by the French government. He continues to create art that challenges and provokes, exploring the complexities of identity and the human experience.