Nasdejagi Nja Mahdaoui (Tunisia, 1937)
silkscreen on paper
27.6 x 19.7 in. (70 x 50 cm.)
Edition of 99
ID: NJA1099-001-099
Hand-signed by author

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Nja Mahdaoui (1937-2020) was a prominent Tunisian artist and calligrapher known for his innovative fusion of Arabic calligraphy and contemporary art. He was born in Tunisia and from an early age displayed a keen interest in shapes and geometric patterns. He studied art at the Tunis School of Fine Arts and later in Paris, where he immersed himself in avant-garde artistic movements.

Mahdaoui developed a unique style that combined traditional Arabic calligraphy with abstract and modern elements. His work reflected his deep understanding of the forms and rhythms of the Arabic alphabet, creating vibrant and dynamic compositions. He explored various mediums including painting, sculpture, ceramics, and installation, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

Throughout his career, Mahdaoui received numerous awards and recognition for his contribution to art and culture. His artistic legacy has left a lasting impact on the artistic landscape of the Arab world and beyond. Nja Mahdaoui passed away in 2020, but his work continues to be admired, and his influence endures in the contemporary art scene.