Rafael Alberti (Spain, 1902-1999)
‘Torero’, 1990
engraving on paper
31.5 x 23.7 in. (80 x 60 cm.)
Edition of 125
ID: ALB1304-002-125
Hand-signed by author
Condition: excellent

$ 850

Rafael Alberti (1902-1999) was a prominent Spanish poet, playwright, and painter associated with the Generation of ’27. His poetry embraced modernist and avant-garde influences, evolving into politically charged verses during the Spanish Civil War. After Franco’s victory, Alberti went into exile, continuing his poetic and political endeavors from abroad. His works were marked by lyrical language, vivid imagery, and a deep connection to his native Andalusia. Alongside his literary pursuits, Alberti explored painting, creating vibrant and complementary visual art. His contributions to Spanish literature, social activism, and multi-disciplinary artistic expression cemented his significance in Spain’s cultural legacy.